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Blog /Rainbow baby on the way after couple found Mosie on Tiktok!

Rainbow baby on the way after couple found Mosie on Tiktok!

My husband and I were trying for one year to get pregnant. We finally conceived but we lost her in the second trimester. We wanted to try again as soon as the doctors gave us the green light but I was dreading the whole process again. Trying to conceive is so exhausting and mentally draining. I saw a Tiktok (I can’t remember the creator) talking about Mosie and how it worked for them. I figured what’s there to lose? We used ovulation strips to monitor my LH surge and once I got a positive we used one of the two syringes the kit comes with. I was saving the second for another month if the first time didn’t work. Well, the first time worked and we got a positive pregnancy test a couple of weeks later! I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby! We only had to try one month!

- S&D from CA