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Blog /General /Why Does Mosie Cost More Than a Regular Syringe?

Why Does Mosie Cost More Than a Regular Syringe?

A Mosie Kit comes with 2 Mosie syringes, 2 proprietary specimen collection cups, and detailed instructions on how best to use Mosie.

Regarding price, there are a lot of factors when bringing a product to market that dictate price - legal, quality & regulatory, engineering, design, marketing, packaging, and manufacturing - just to name a few! It’s crazy.

We are a small company and our goal from the beginning was to provide an at-home insemination option that people from all walks of life could use. We are also proudly a made-in-the-USA medical device.

After struggling to conceive for 2.5 years, Maureen and Marc began looking for an easy and comfortable at-home way to inseminate. When they couldn't find it, they decided to make it. And that's how Mosie was born (pun fully intended)! If someone wants to use a normal syringe, they are always able to do that. We just always felt like there had to be a better option, designed for this purpose and the vagina. And so we created Mosie! For us, this has been a labor of love, literally. Our second child came to be from Mosie.