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Blog /When Timed Intercourse Became Too Stressful, They Turned to Mosie

When Timed Intercourse Became Too Stressful, They Turned to Mosie

My husband and I had always been super excited about having kids. We had prepared ourselves well in life and reached that stage where we were ready to start trying. We thought, as most probably do, that I would come off my birth control and BAM - I'd be pregnant. Not the case. Months after months we waited but were let down. After a year, we had some preliminary fertility testing done (sperm analysis and HSG) which showed us both to be working just fine. I was started on fertility medication to increase our odds while we awaited our true fertility appt with the doc (2 months from when I called) to discuss our next options. I was hopeful with the fertility medication as I was excited that it would induce ovulation for me at a more normal time - my cycles were typically 40 days long, and it was hard to predict ovulation (anywhere from CD 23-27). Another area was impeding us is that my husband struggled with performance anxiety. We both wanted a baby so bad, and no matter what you try to do to "make it fun" after so long, it really starts to become less of a romantic process - and having "timed" sex while needing to be the one to produce results, it put a lot of pressure on him and became very stressful. He felt he was letting us both down whenever he wasn't able to "perform." This then perpetuated the problem, making him wonder every time if he was going to be able to. It was a hard situation for us both and even started creating a lot of tension between us. Then I read about Mosie! I thought maybe it could help in 2 ways - increase our odds but also put less pressure on him - he could somewhat do it on his own, without me there creating more pressure or to be let down. The first time we tried it, I could tell he felt such relief. He produced a specimen easily and quickly, and I think for the first time in a long time, felt like this would work, and we would be able to do it so much more easily. After 4 months of Mosie total, it worked! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that first faint positive.. actually, my husband literally didn't believe it. He said over and over that he didn't know how I saw anything - I KNEW I saw a line because I had stared at sooo many negative tests in the past. We checked again with a digital test, and he believed it when he saw "pregnant." We are over the moon excited and so ready for this little miracle! We are a testament to Mosie working because it was literally the only method we used for "transfer." Mosie changed our lives forever (not to mention saved us from lots of costs in other potential fertility treatments). We are so ready and excited!!

- AH from Kentucky