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Blog /Overcoming Numerous Hurdles To Get Their Big Fat Positive With Mosie!

Overcoming Numerous Hurdles To Get Their Big Fat Positive With Mosie!

Dear Mosie,

We want to share our big fat positive story with you. After all, it was Mosie that helped us in getting our first positive. We are in our early thirties and live in New York City. We had been trying to conceive for more than a year, and our conception journey was full of hurdles. We were heartbroken and hopeless after going through vaginismus, chemical pregnancies, ovarian cyst, performance anxiety etc. On top of that we had no money to go for the routine ART and IVF procedures. One day our desperate search for help on the internet led us to Mosie Baby. We instantly decided to go for it. This was our first Mosie cycle. By the time we got the Mosie package delivered to us, our first peak day was gone. So we just used one syringe and prayed for the best. We got our BFP in our very first cycle at 12 dpo. Mosie gave us the news we were waiting for so long. Words are not enough to express our gratitude and happiness, but we will still say, THANK YOU MOSIE.

Best Wishes,

V & R from NY

V&R, Seeing a positive pregnancy test never gets old, and in your case it means even more considering all of the hurdles you had to overcome. We’re thrilled for you both and equally thrilled Mosie was able to help out! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your remarkable journey with the community. Stories like yours let others know that they are absolutely NOT alone, and that there is always hope whether with Mosie or with a doctor’s help. Wishing you both a safe and successful term and new addition. - Maureen + Marc