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Blog /Vaginismus Pregnancy! Journey To Baby Ends Happily In London

Vaginismus Pregnancy! Journey To Baby Ends Happily In London

Hi Marc & Maureen,
Having suffered  from vaginismus for most of our  married life, our sex life had really become a struggle. Luckily, we both understood each other and having a really patient husband was an added bonus! We decided to explore home insemination kits but were disappointed with what we had ordered from Amazon. The traditional syringe was just not effective and we soon gave up. Fortunately, to my surprise I found the Mosie Baby website and the videos produced by Maureen convinced us to make a purchase.
Our first attempt failed, however I conceived during my second month cycle. I truly believe that miracles do happen because when I saw PREGNANT on the pregnancy test my heart nearly skipped a beat!!!! We definitely werent expecting such a quick result but I guess it was meant to be! "Overjoyed" would be the perfect word to describe our initial reaction however even now entering my second trimester, it all still feels very much surreal.
I cannot thank Marc and Maureen enough for their constant support from the very first correspondence. They are truly one in a million who will exceed all your expectations and deliver an outstanding customer service. I felt a deep connection with them from the start and could sense their positive vibes through my Hotmail account. They really do build unique relationships with their customers and genuinely root for your success.
If you are in two minds about ordering your kit, I wouldnt even think twice. It will be one of the best decisions you will make in your life and before you know it, you will also be adding your success story to this page!
Mr & Mrs K - London, UK

We're beyond thrilled for you both and your new addition (baby arrived this month!). When we started the journey to Mosie, we'd never heard of vaginismus and many of the other conditions and circumstances that stand in the way of making a baby. Our community continues to educate and enlighten us on the challenges we all face in our journeys to baby and the wonderful fact that Mosie has been a useful tool for so many is the cherry on top! Thank you both for sharing this inspirational journey! - Marc & Mo