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Blog /They Tried Everything...Then They Tried Mosie!

They Tried Everything...Then They Tried Mosie!

Hi guys.

First of all I wanted to thank you on behalf of my wife and I. We're a same sex couple married almost four years. We have tried multiple methods for the past two years in order to conceive (anything from IUI to at home insemination using sperm banks).

This final cycle, we purchased two Mosie Baby kits (we had never tried with Mosie before) and a very sweet and loving friend who donated his sperm to us. Using Mosie Baby once a day during our fertile cycle, four syringes in total, Im so happy to say we conceived. We are expecting a baby boy in January.

I have no words to thank you guys for this amazing product. This in combination with PreSeed lubricant and the timing of ovulation...and our little boy was made. I have enclosed an ultrasound picture since he has more growing to do. Thank you so much!

B & E - Melbourne, FL

Our sincere thanks to you both for sharing your remarkable journey with us. You two are trailblazers and your story will no doubt inspire like-minded others. Having posted this in March were hoping your are all doing great in this new chapter especially the new guy! Indeed, we have a little backlog on our stories…but we're working on a solution! Our best to your little family! -Marc & Mo