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Blog /Performance Anxiety Alleviated Thanks to Mosie’s Flexibility!

Performance Anxiety Alleviated Thanks to Mosie’s Flexibility!

We decided to try for another baby when our first child was 3 years old. It became difficult due to the pressure of performing at a certain time of the month, especially with a 3 year old who sleeps with us most nights!

I found Mosie online and this took away so much pressure. It worked on month 4, and I am so happy to share the news that our 2nd baby will arrive in September 2020. Thank you Mosie.

Did you face any obstacles?  Erectile Dysfunction or Performance Anxiety
How long were you trying before Mosie: 6 months to 12 months 
How many cycles did you use mosie?4

- H & P from the UK

H&P, Your story is music to our ears. Talking and sharing openly about pressures to “perform” is such a big deal. We know it’s a reality because we hear from people everyday (and we’ve experienced it ourselves), but it’s so much more impactful when it comes directly from our community. We thank you both for your courage, and we’re sure your journey will provide hope and inspiration for others. We’re writing this in October, so hoping your little one has arrived safely, and you’re making the most of this special time. We’d love to e-meet your little one when the dust settles! Our thanks again for sharing! ❤️ - Marc + Mo