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Blog /Mosie Helped Overcome Performance Anxiety and Stay Focused on Conception!

Mosie Helped Overcome Performance Anxiety and Stay Focused on Conception!

We started trying for a baby in May 2019. The first time we tried we were unsuccessful, and from there became pressure to make a baby. Each time seemed more pressure, and we got in our heads and it created performance anxiety for my husband. We googled online to see if others struggled the same way as he felt he was alone. He was relieved to see it is a VERY common issue and with a very small amount of searching we discovered Mosie! It took all of the pressure out and allowed us to focus on the task at hand - making a baby! 

We made it on our own and enjoyed using Mosie as a couple and made a whole night out of it! We loved tracking my cycles together and using Mosie on our peak ovulation days. We had some symptoms early on and got excited that we would see a positive but then didn’t. It was hard to not be discouraged. We tried again in September and saw a BFP. We were through the roof. Unfortunately a week after my BFP I miscarried. We were completely devastated but we were determined to have a baby. So after missing a cycle we tried again. And got our BFP in November! I am 12 weeks now and we are so excited for all that is to come! We just got married and are currently on our honeymoon in Hawaii, and when we get home we are eager to start preparing for baby! 

We absolutely LOVE Mosie and have and will continue recommending it to people who are trying to conceive! We even told our doctor about it and they said “a better chance of getting pregnant - I like it”! We could not be more thankful to Mosie and we will be right back using it when we are ready for our second child! 

- M&L from Canada

M&L, Your story made our day! We’re beyond thrilled for your growing family and are privileged to have played a small part. Performance anxiety is absolutely a REAL THING for men when it comes to trying to conceive. And we applaud you and your husband for sharing your experience with it and illustrating how Mosie was able to allow you to stay focused on the “task at hand”! We know your journey will provide hope and inspiration to others sharing similar struggles. Wishing you both a healthy term and new addition! And keep in touch, we’d love to “e-meet” your little one! -Marc + Mo

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