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Blog /After Two Miscarriages, They Tried Mosie and Hello Baby!

After Two Miscarriages, They Tried Mosie and Hello Baby!

It took us 7 months to get pregnant. After two miscarriages, on the 8 month we used Mosie Baby! And now I have my miracle.

Around October of 2017, we started trying for our baby. In January of 2018 we got pregnant, but unfortunately I had a chemical pregnancy. We continued to try, I didn’t want to give up. In February we continued to try different methods, I got pregnant yet again! The excitement! But, yet again the pregnancy did not last, I had a miscarriage. So in March we purchased the Mosie Baby Kit. Man it was a LIFESAVER and an AMAZING investment/invention! We finally got it! March 26-28 I had my cycle, April 8 my egg dropped and we inseminated 3 times on April 5, 6, & 8th! Sure enough, around April 20th, I took my first pregnancy test! Excitement grew on my face, and I got a positive pregnancy test! But I didn’t want to get too excited until a doctor confirmed it at my first appointment was when I was eight weeks pregnant! 

I’m still pregnant and so excited! The doctor told me I will be in the clear when I turn 12 weeks pregnant! I made it! 12 weeks! 

When I turned 14 weeks! We found out the sex, IT IS A BOY 💙 so excited! 

- FM from Dallas, TX

Warmest congrats on this adorable (and smiley) little guy! He just brought smiles to the little team at Mosie HQ! And we applaud you both for preserving through the pain of two miscarriage in order to meet him. Just amazing. We know others will find some inspiration and hope in your story and we’re so grateful to you all for sharing this remarkable journey. -Marc + Mo 



My baby boy is now about to be 5 months 🥳 Mosie baby! You are A LIFESAVER! I will recommend FOREVER! I love you guys so much for giving me my blessing! 

- FM from Dallas, TX

Mosie Baby wearing a onesie