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Blog /Unexplained Infertility Journey Ends Happily with Mosie!

Unexplained Infertility Journey Ends Happily with Mosie!

My partner and I had been actively try to conceive for about 2 years. We had suffered two early term miscarriages, and our faith was shaking. We had done all the tests and blood work and everything came back normal. Just unexplained infertility. We had been discussing going to a fertility center and starting treatment. I saw an ad for Mosie Baby on Facebook, and to be honest, probably looked over it a few times. But one day I decided to actually start looking into it. I did some research, read the success stories and talked to my partner about it. We finally decided, what do we have to lose? So I ordered our Mosie Baby kit. Well, the day of his birthday, I decided to take a pregnancy test as a joke. Haha what if? Imagine my surprise when it was positive! One cycle with Mosie Baby and our first little one will be joining us in May. We couldn't be more excited and so thankful. Now any of my friends or even complete strangers that are struggling to conceive, I tell them about Mosie Baby. As far as I'm concerned, it worked a miracle.

SH in Tennessee

SH, We’re so glad you didn’t give up hope and that Mosie was able to help you both achieve your dream! Thank you so much for sharing your journey and the challenges that went along with it. We can relate to your frustration. We took the same tests and had the same unexplained infertility diagnosis. We know others will benefit from your decision to share your experience! - Marc + Mo