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Blog /After Trying "Regular" Syringes, Couple Conceives With Mosie On First Try!

After Trying "Regular" Syringes, Couple Conceives With Mosie On First Try!

We first decided to try for a baby in January 2017. We didn't use nor even hear of Mosie Baby at that time, and so we tried AI with a regular syringe. This attempt quickly got messy, and we struggled to get all of the semen out of the syringe, and unfortunately we were unsuccessful in conceiving. March came along and we tried again, however it was another failed attempt. So it was then I came across Mosie Baby while searching for other effective and affordable ways to conceive. Thanks to Google I stumbled across this carefully engineered syringe made especially for AI. So we relentlessly watched all of the educational content they provided and felt confident in ourselves and in the product. The process was so easy and the syringe itself exceeded our expectations by using every drop unlike a regular syringe that I learned even damages the semen. We were successful with Mosie on our first attempt. Seeing the positive PT made our emotional journey worth it. Overall the product itself was very clean and carefully constructed. The videos were so easy to understand and the instructions were so simple. Definitely worth it. Can't wait to do it again!

With love from our little Mosie Family,
A & J, Los Angeles 

Thank you both so much for taking the time to share this story with our little Mosie community. It's a big deal and we wish you much success! - Maureen & Marc