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Blog /After Three Years Of Trying, They Tried Mosie And...Happy Dance!

After Three Years Of Trying, They Tried Mosie And...Happy Dance!

Maureen & Marc,

My husband and I literally cannot stop smiling!! We ordered the Mosie Baby kit when we wanted to get a jump start on starting a family after months of trying. We were so happy to find a local Texas company to help us out in our dream. After trying it out over a weekend, we anxiously awaited the results. We woke up extra early on a Friday morning to take the test. IT WAS POSITIVE!! My husband immediately rushed to the store to buy more, and they all read the same. *insert happy dance* We just had our first sonogram today, and it felt real...our sweet Baby "P" will be arriving New Years Day 2019!

Our background...

  • We had been off any kind of birth control for a little over 3 years, but have been actively trying to conceive (like hardcore tracking calendars and ovulation and such), for about a year. We were googling how much IUI and IVF would be, and the first thing that popped up was your site! Great advertising!! We were so lucky to see it!
  • The only thing we tried prior to Mosie was tracking ovulation. Y'all were our last stop before seeing a fertility doctor. Our best friends actually just went through IUI (and had a baby girl!!), but were so bummed they didn't hear about Mosie first!
  • We didn't have any specific obstacles. I previously had Pancreatitis, which my OB thought might somehow be a cause, but unlikely.
  • My advice in thinking about using Mosie would be to definitely give it a shot before anything else. It's so easy to use (thankfully!), and so less stressful than trying a fertility doctor first.

Thank yall SO MUCH for everything!! 

M, A, & Baby P : )

M & A, We love your story and are so grateful you decided to share...it's very close to home for us, both literally and physically (yay TX!). One of the best parts may be seeing the term "ya'll" used in a success story and we have no doubt ya'll's story with inspire others! Can't wait to see Baby P! - Maureen & Marc