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Blog /After Much Research Mosie was Their Tool of Choice for Conception

After Much Research Mosie was Their Tool of Choice for Conception

We are a same-sex couple. We were so excited to start a new family and wanted to make sure everything was perfect during our first try. We did a ton of research and purchased several conception kits/products online along with Mosie kit (thanks to the reviewer of one of the “other” kits on Amazon who mentioned Mosie). When everything arrived and we opened all the packages, we found that all those kits were super complicated, or it was a lot of work to put together, or the size/shape scared us. We opened Mosie kit and were pleasantly surprised by how simple and easy it looked. We didn’t have to think twice and decided to go with Mosie for our first try. We did add a couple extra things to the process that were essential for the conception, in our opinion, but Mosie is what ultimately made it happen.

We did achieve our goal of getting pregnant with twins, but unfortunately, we lost them at 8 weeks. 

We tried regular syringe again on our second try, and both of us agreed that Mosie was absolutely the best option out there (based on comfort level). Sure, other syringes can work, but they are not nearly as comfortable as Mosie syringes, I don’t think anything out there can beat Mosie’s round tip without “extras” that stick out that could potentially hurt. It’s small in size which was great (compared to other products we purchased online), it was super easy to use, and we were 100% satisfied with our Mosie purchase. Also, we found Mosie to be one of the most affordable options compared to other kinds that actually works!

We know you are also local to Austin, and we appreciate your business! This was a genius idea that nobody else came up with but you! You are in this business for the long run, I’m confident in that. You guys rock! 

Thank you,

AT from Texas


AT, Our thanks to you both for sharing your story with us. It’s clear that you did your homework and we’re so happy that your experience with Mosie was a positive one. Miscarriages are difficult and hate to see anyone have to experience them. However, know that you are not alone and by sharing your story others will feel less alone, so thank you. 

The good news is that you were able to conceive which means it’s like that you will be able to conceive again. Our fingers are crossed that it will happen soon! ❤️ Marc + Maureen