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Blog /Mosie Brings Ease and Accessibility to Mamas to Be!

Mosie Brings Ease and Accessibility to Mamas to Be!

We are a same sex couple who wanted to try and conceive without the need for fertility clinics. In Australia, unless you have a known donor to inseminate at home, you need to go to a fertility clinic (you can’t get donor sperm delivered to your home) and are treated as having ‘social infertility’ even if nothing is actually wrong with your fertility, you’re just missing a key ingredient.

Deciding who would carry was simple as I really wanted to and my partner didn’t. As far as I knew I didn’t have any fertility issues, and so we were eager to try at home insemination. Our friend offered to be our donor, and so I started researching at home insemination and found Mosie. I tracked my ovulation and we inseminated twice in our first month of trying, a few days apart. I got a positive pregnancy test 13 days later! We can’t believe it worked on the first go. Mosie was so easy to use, and I’ll be sure to let my GP and any other treating practitioners know about it. Thanks for inventing such an easy and accessible product. We’re over the moon!


How many cycles did you use Mosie? 1                                                              How long did you try before Mosie? 6 months or less


- R & C from Victoria, Australia