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Blog /A "True Rainbow Baby" for this couple after using Mosie

A "True Rainbow Baby" for this couple after using Mosie

I had my first loss in December 2018 which I conceived naturally, however when starting the process again me and my spouse used a donor and did at home insemination. I came across Mosie baby when looking into the syringe method after previously using a syringe ordered off Amazon in August 2020 and it failed. This round we used the Mosie Baby syringe and Softcup afterwards. We inseminated on our first high reading on Clearblue, the day of peak and the day after peak reading. So 3x total we only used Mosie on peak day so only 1 syringe was used and we immediately put in a soft cup afterward. Each other time the donor inseminated directly into Softcup. We are so happy we were able to conceive this cycle and proud to say this baby was conceived during the month of pride!!! Our true rainbow baby 👶🌈 Estimated due date is Feb 2022 

- A & A from Texas