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Blog /Mosie Gave Them the Privacy and Comfort of Their Own Home

Mosie Gave Them the Privacy and Comfort of Their Own Home


I'm happy to report that after our first cycle, we found out this last Sunday that we're positive! We were in complete shock, hence the 4 pregnancy tests, but we were absolutely floored that we got these results this QUICK. I personally can't even believe that I am pregnant, and we are in the process of this. It was so surreal! We had previously attempted to go through a hospital that is 3 hours away for numerous appointments for lab work, consults, tests, etc., and never really got anywhere with it...which was EXTREMELY costly as well and just so time consuming, especially when my partner and I live in a rural area and have to travel for those services. Doing this in the privacy of our own home, with just myself, my wife B and our donor was so much more comfortable, easy and quick. It just blew us away! This is literally a dream come true, and I'm FOREVER GRATEFUL to have found your company. 1,000,000% recommended to anyone!!! Thank you!!!

How long did you try before Mosie: 18-24 months
What obstacles did you face: Miscarriage

- C & B Colorado