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Blog /No Stranger to IUI, Couple finds Mosie Baby to be "So Much Easier"

No Stranger to IUI, Couple finds Mosie Baby to be "So Much Easier"

After doing research on at home insemination kits, I came across Mosie Baby, and instantly fell in love with how easy it all seemed! This wasn’t my first home insemination so I was familiar with the process, but Mosie made it so much easier. My wife started tracking her ovulation the day she ended her period with the pre-mom app. It gave us a little more clarity as far as when we would hope she would peak! When she hit her peak ovulation day in the app we used both pre-mom & Mosie Baby ovulation tests to get those dark lines! That day we called our known donor and let him know we were ready. We gave him the sterile cup prior so he could handle his business in his own home and bring it to us. Once we got the sperm I used the mosie baby syringe and inseminated my wife. We waited the 14 long days before we tested & the first time around we got a negative, but second cycle we got a positive!

- J & S from CA