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Blog /3 Cycles and "Peak of Relaxation" brings BFP!

3 Cycles and "Peak of Relaxation" brings BFP!

We just want to thank Mosie Baby from the bottom of our hearts.

For a number of years we were unsure if we would be able to have children- the two of us are ace, and the idea of having sex at all (let alone repeatedly in the act of ‘trying’) seemed an INCREDIBLY daunting and stressful task.

Mosie was absolutely fantastic. It felt clean, smart, comfortable (for both of us, Which is a tall order!) and above all safe.

We were able to keep our intimate life as it was, we didn’t have to suddenly change and take on something neither of us were comfortable with. What I loved most is we could be trying whilst watching telly and having a cup of tea - the very peak of relaxation!

We used ovulation kits to help time it right and 3 months in we have done it!! After taking about a dozen pregnancy tests I can say with confidence I am officially pregnant. We are still in total disbelief that such a simple but beautifully designed piece of kit could be so life changing for us. Thank you Mosie!

- A from the UK