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Blog /As Anxiety From Setbacks Mounted, TTC Became a Challenge, Enter Mosie

As Anxiety From Setbacks Mounted, TTC Became a Challenge, Enter Mosie

We decided to try for a baby in July 2020 and got pregnant during our first try. We made it to 9 weeks and unfortunately experienced a miscarriage. After a very difficult miscarriage, physically and emotionally, we began to try again in November once my HCG levels dropped and my cycle resumed. We got pregnant immediately (again!) but experienced a chemical pregnancy. Again, we started to try again once my cycle returned but it was becoming very difficult to have intercourse to completion. Between the rigorous ovulation testing and stress from not being able to perform, it just wasn't happening for us. 

After a few months of BFN we started looking into options and came across Mosie! We bought 2 kits so we could get 3-4 inseminations while I ovulated. We used all 4 syringes (I have a gradual onset so we used the first one when I noticed the initial surge and then 1 each following day). With my first pregnancy I got a faint line at 9DPO and when 9DPO and 10DPO passed and I didn't get a faint line I admit I was sad I didn't see my faint line yet but I was hopeful because now we have Mosie, and we would keep trying for a few more cycles before looking into next steps. 

At 11DPO I got my faint line and my BFP shortly after! I am 6 weeks today, and my first ultrasound is next week.Thank you, Mosie Baby, for all the hope and light you've brought us and for so many. It's hard for me to put into words the gratitude and peace I feel knowing that Mosie is an option and that it helped give us our rainbow baby. 🌈

Did you face any obstacles: Erectile Dysfunction and Performance Anxiety
How long were you trying before Mosie: 6 months to 12 months

- M from California

M, we know too well how discouraging it is to have so many setbacks when you’re looking forward to growing your family — and the toll it takes on you in and out of the bedroom. But your story is a testament to perseverance and not being afraid to keep trying and experimenting with different options, like Mosie. Congratulations on your Rainbow Baby! Mo + Marc