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Blog /Cross Country Mosie Baby Adventure!

Cross Country Mosie Baby Adventure!

We asked a good friend of ours to be our sperm donor and after a lot of thinking and discussions, he told us he was happy to do it. Unfortunately, he lived on the other side of the country and we were in the middle of a pandemic. Shipping sperm proved to be impossible, so after a bunch of testing (on both sides), we decided to drive across the country with our two dogs. We rented an apartment in the city where our donor lives for 7 months. (It was nice to have something positive to focus on during Covid.)

We used The Mosie Kit and got pregnant on the 5th try. We waited out the first trimester and got fully vaccinated before making the long road trip home.

We're now 23 weeks pregnant, and we're expecting our tiny person in early December! Everyone's doing well and we're SO excited to become parents!!!

Mosie Baby was unbelievably easy to use and the support team were great when we had questions. I emailed them once to ask about timing and they recommended starting at the first sign of the LH rise. That was a day or two earlier than we'd been starting, and I think it was that advice (and their awesome kit) that lead to our BFP! So much gratitude to Mosie!

- E & V from Canada