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Blog /TTC More Challenging Than Expected, So They Added Mosie to Their Plan

TTC More Challenging Than Expected, So They Added Mosie to Their Plan

My husband and I relied on the withdrawal method until our first anniversary when we decided we would stop preventing the chance to get pregnant. I didn’t realize how difficult actually getting pregnant was going to be. A year went by and we still weren’t having luck, so I started pulling out all the stops. I was testing ovulation, temping, we both started taking supplements, and my husband finally got his sperm checked. We discovered he had very low sperm motility. I started noticing my cycles were becoming irregular and I was experiencing some minor lactation. I got blood drawn and an MRI of my pituitary gland, only to discover I had elevated prolactin hormone due to a nodule on the gland. These two factors meant we both had something working against us. I started medication for my hormone imbalance, and my husband continued to take several supplements. But it also felt like the harder we tried the more he had trouble with performance anxiety.

Another year had gone by, and it was now our third anniversary, and I was starting to really wonder if something more was up. I was able to have a virtual doctor appointment with a reproductive endocrinologist who ordered a hysterosalpingogram to check my tubes, ovaries and uterus. I hadn’t gotten around to scheduling the test in part out of fear of what they would find.

I saw Mosie through an Instagram influencer and wondered if it could work for us. I did some research into testimonials, and we pulled the trigger. I got it in the mail, and all I needed to do was start testing for ovulation. I didn’t get a strong enough reading that first month, so I waited for the next cycle in December. I got a huge luteinizing hormone spike on peak day and knew this was our chance! We did the deed using Mosie on peak day and then the following day, ovulation day, and then one more time the traditional way for good measure later in the day. A little over a week later it was Christmas morning, and I had been dying to know if Mosie worked. I had been trying not to get my hopes up, but as I watched that second line appear a smile spread across my face. I couldn’t hide it from my husband. Even though I wanted to share the news with him in a special way, he found out right when I did, but what better way to find out than on Christmas morning? After 27 months of trying, It was the best gift ever!

- J & K from Kansas

J&K, We love your story and we’re genuinely thrilled to know that it has a happy ending and that Mosie was able to play a small part. You definitely had a few challenges, but you persevered and everything worked out! Thank you both for sharing your journey in detail with the community. TTC can be a lonely place when it’s not going as planned, and stories like yours will absolutely provide a little hope and inspiration for others. Wishing you both a safe and healthy journey and new addition to your family! - Marc + Mo