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Blog /Expensive TTC Journey Ends Happily With The Help of Friends + Mosie

Expensive TTC Journey Ends Happily With The Help of Friends + Mosie

We knew we always wanted to have a family together but never realized how many obstacles we would face! When starting the process in early 2020, we were nervous and excited. Our first choice of known donor got cold feet and backed out so we decided to start with frozen samples. We read books, did research, tracked my cycle,and chose a donor from a frozen sperm bank. With the Covid outbreak we knew any doctor intervention would be hard or impossible so we decided to try at home. The tiny syringes they give you are impossible to use and don't even get all the sperm! After 7 unsuccessful attempts with frozen sperm and little money in the bank and sobbing at my sister-in-law’s wedding after an unsuccessful round with Clomid - something had to change. We decided to ask around for a known donor. Luckily our friends from college were more than willing to help us grow our family. We had been a part of each other's weddings and celebrated holidays together and couldn't be more pleased they said yes! I joined a Facebook group with other lesbians trying to conceive and found lots of support and super helpful tips-including Mosie Baby! We used Mosie Baby and inserted a flex disc-trying twice each cycle. Two cycles with fresh and it took! After a year of ups and downs and many negative tests we finally got our big fat positive on St Patrick's Day 2021! We're so excited for our sweet little boy due Nov 26th 2021. Our family and friends are incredibly supportive and over the moon! This little boy has a lot of love waiting for him. We are so grateful for all the help we've received along the way and Mosie Baby is a big part of our conception story.

Did you face any obstacles: Required a Sperm Donor
How long were you trying before Mosie: 6 months to 12 months
Did you try anything at a doctor's office: Clomid
How many cycles did you use mosie: 2

- L & C from Ohio

L&C, Goosebumps reading your remarkable journey. We’re absolutely thrilled for your growing family...especially after the year you’ve had (along with everyone!). Thank you for the kind words and more importantly for sharing your journey with the community. As you may well know, stories like yours can make a real difference in the journeys of like-minded others looking for a path to family. Wishing you a healthy remainder of your term and safe arrival of Baby “T”. We hope you’ll keep in touch as we’d love an update when the dust settles! - Marc + Mo

Positive pregnancy test with two wedding rings on top framing the word pregnant.