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Timing is Everything

My wife and I are a lesbian couple. We wanted to have one more baby, so we wanted to try home insemination before we tried IUI or IVF. We explored the option of using a sperm bank but decided to find a donor by ourselves. We knew from the beginning of the process that we were going to use Mosie Baby. I read all of the success stories. Plus I found a person on Facebook, who said that Mosie Baby worked for her.

My advice to other women, who are trying to conceive is to do your research. I researched ways to boost fertility. My wife took Pink Stork prenatal vitamins, a primrose supplement, and she drank Pink Stork fertility tea every morning. We tracked her ovulation for 3 months.

We inseminated two times during her high fertility days, so the sperm would be already in her body when her egg was released. Timing is everything. Now we are expecting a baby in April 2021. 

- C & J from Maryland

C&J, Thank you for sharing your story and your tips on how you conceived! Indeed tracking your ovulation for a few months prior to your first insemination is so important. So glad you two were able to find your path to pregnancy together and with a little help from the Mosie Kit ❤️ Congratulations! -Marc + Mo