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Blog /Baby On The Way With Help of a Surrogate

Baby On The Way With Help of a Surrogate

Thanks for the kit and everything you have done for our family; just yesterday we found out our surrogate was pregnant and with your equipment! ON THE FIRST TRY!!! The instructions provided were very accurate and spot on. Even being a pediatric nurse, I had questions that your included information sheet answered. The product was comfortable and very efficient. Thanks for thinking about us and future LBGTQ community members that require your services. Peace and love.

Did you try anything at a doctor's office? IUI

- J & B from Texas

J&B, Your story just made our hearts burst with joy - congratulations! Family building and the love that family brings is such a beautiful thing. We are so honored Mosie Baby was able to help support you on your family building journey. Sending you all the biggest of hugs ❤️ -Marc + Mo