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Blog /They Didn’t Want to Use “Just Any Method of Transport”, So They Chose Mosie!

They Didn’t Want to Use “Just Any Method of Transport”, So They Chose Mosie!

My wife and I got married in September of 2018. She already had a son who’s 14 now and has definitely become my son as well. We knew we wanted one more and I've always wanted to be pregnant and have a baby. We searched for the best sperm donor. We wanted them to be known and to steer away from the expense of a sperm bank. We chose Mosie because of the great ratings, and we didn't want to use just any method of transport. We wanted something designed to help mom's in our situation. The first donor we chose lived about two hours from us. It worked the first time but I lost the baby at 5 weeks. Deciding that transporting two hours on a whim whenever I'm ovulating was going to be rather difficult, we went on a hunt for a new donor. A friend from high school, who later became a roommate, offered to donate. After a couple of months of ovulation miss-tracking, the fourth time took hold, and now we're expecting our bundle of joy on Christmas day 🎅🤶☃️⛄🤰❄️❄️🎁🎄 we're very glad it ended up working with the donor that we have because we know him very well, and he wants to be around in more of an "Uncle" role. We are both very blessed and can't wait for this adventure to start.

How long were you trying before Mosie: 6 months or less
How many cycles did you use Mosie? 4. First cycle we had a chemical. The next two, I don't think I tracked my ovulation correctly. 4th I got a positive ovulation and went for it , which was good because we were out of syringes after that.

-C & D from Ohio

C&D, Congratulations on your growing family! And thank you for making Mosie your “method of transport” ❤️! You clearly have a wonderful grasp of what Mosie is all about! Beyond that, thank you for sharing your journey with the community, especially navigating the known donor aspect as logistics are important for something like this. We know your insight will come in handy for a like-minded family navigating similar terrain! We’re so glad everything went smoothly in these challenging times. Baby “H” is just adorable😍, thank you for sharing her with us! XO - Marc + Maureen

Mosie Mama and Mosie Baby after delivery

Ultrasound with Christmas stockings

Mosie Baby Ultrasound with Christmas Stocking