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Blog /Resilient Mamas Finally Have Their Little One

Resilient Mamas Finally Have Their Little One

We are a same sex couple building our family with the help of a known donor. IUI was not an option for us since it is not available for same sex couples in our country. We found Mosie when we tried to find more information about at home insemination. We loved the design from the very beginning, it was comfortable and always worked well. Our sperm-donor also appreciates the syringe, which is a compliment coming from an anesthesiologist :) 

We conceived 3 times, the first two didn't develop well. We are now in the beginning of our third pregnancy, hoping for it to be our baby. We already saw it on the ultrasound and it has fingers! Can't wait to meet this little one.

Update: We are so happy to share with you our good news in this strange time.. Our lovely daughter “J” was born on July 3rd. We are all healthy and happy. She has two loving mamas and an admiring papa, and she was conceived with the help of your Mosie syringe :) Tons of gratitude to you. I am sure we will use Mosie for our next child too (already planning...)

-N and S from Switzerland