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Blog /Third Attempt Was a Charm for Mamas-To-Be!

Third Attempt Was a Charm for Mamas-To-Be!

My wife and I originally did not want children - we didn't think they were in the cards for us. Last year, however, we started toying with the idea of becoming parents. My wife will tell you that it hit me like a freight train. I woke up and needed to become a mom. It was that simple. Thankfully my wife and I were on the same page. Like most same-sex couples, however, we weren't sure where to start. After some research, it looked like IUI would have to be our first step. That was until I saw a couple on YouTube talking about at-home insemination. I was floored. I immediately dug into everything related to at-home insemination, and I stumbled upon Mosie Baby on a Google search! After watching all of the videos and reading every single success story, my wife and I decided to purchase three kits. I tracked my period for a few months after having my IUD removed and felt ready to start trying to conceive this past June. Unfortunately, our first two attempts (June and July) did not work, but we did not give up. I had a feeling that Mosie would work if I just tweaked a couple of variables. Thanks to a camping trip, we ended up not trying in August, but came back full force in September. On September 10, we had our known donor come over and we did two separate inseminations within a 36 hour period. After being as patient as I possibly could, I decided to test on 11dpo - a negative. This time was different though. I just had a feeling that I was pregnant. I waited 3 more days and finally got my BFP! We are so excited and lucky to have found Mosie Baby and fallen pregnant on our third try. 

Thank you so much, Mosie for helping us create our family. :) 

-K & S from Michigan