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Blog /Mosie Baby and kegg: The Ultimate Combo For Achieving Your Fertility Goals

Mosie Baby and kegg: The Ultimate Combo For Achieving Your Fertility Goals

How to Track Your Fertile Window for Home Insemination

Tracking your fertility, also referred to as tracking your ovulation, is an important part of the trying to conceive journey. The importance of identifying the fertile days, also known as the fertile window cannot be understated when trying to conceive. Thanks to the nourishing quality of fertile cervical fluid, there are about 5 days each cycle during which time pregnancy can result from intercourse or at home insemination. kegg takes the guesswork out of identifying these fertile days, enabling the user to optimally time their efforts and increase their chances of pregnancy each cycle. Gone are the days of guessing when you may or may not be fertile!

When it comes to fertility tracking, the options are plenty. Unfortunately, many options fall short for one reason or another. LH tests, while good at measuring your Luteinizing hormone, fail to show the user the complete fertile window. This is paramount when you are trying to conceive, especially when attempts to try are limited. The days leading up to ovulation tend to have the highest probability of conception so targeting the most optimal days is key. Basal body temperature tracking, while helpful for confirming ovulation after the fact, does not give the user real-time feedback about when the fertile window is occurring. 

kegg checks all the boxes when it comes to fertility tracking. 

  • Convenient: Can be used in the morning or evening with no messy urine cups or test sticks
  • Shows the full fertile window to effortlessly time insemination or intercourse correctly
  • Has no ongoing cost for use: Once you purchase kegg, you can track cycles to come with no subscription costs or fees

In only two minutes a day, kegg detects the changes in electrolytes in the cervical fluid. These changes are the result of shifting hormones throughout the cycle. In addition to having advanced notice with the fertile window prediction, the kegg user can see in real-time as the fertile window opens, progresses, and then closes. At home insemination (or intercourse) is timed during this “fertile valley” that forms in the kegg readings to maximize chances of conception. The user can feel confident their attempts are timed when the cervical fluid is hospitable to sperm, which is key to conception. 

When to Time your At Home Insemination With kegg and Mosie

As the kegg user approaches the predicted fertile window, they watch their kegg readings and trend line to see when the readings begin to descend (or move downward). When the readings begin to lower on their chart, they should assume their fertile window has opened. If a valley is successful for ovulation, it typically occurs on the rise or just before the rise out of the valley. When the kegg user sees this rise in readings, they can assume the fertile window is drawing to a close. 

When the kegg user plans to time IVI once during their fertile window, they should aim to target a day that is low in the fertile valley. If the sample needs to be ordered in advance, many kegg users will plan to see their fertile window open then order the sample and time the insemination in the low portion of the valley.

kegg and the Mosie Baby Kit: A Perfect Match

Once you have decided to embark on your fertility journey, the unknowns can be stressful but kegg and the Mosie Kit can help. With these tools, you can de-stress from the pressures of “trying” and have added confidence that you are timing your baby-making efforts well. Together, kegg and the Mosie Baby Kit can help you meet your fertility goals!


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