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Blog /Our Path to Pregnancy After 14 Years of Trying

Our Path to Pregnancy After 14 Years of Trying

Our story is a very long one, filled with misdiagnosis and medical malpractice. I am going to skip all of that because I don't feel like crying today. In 2020 my husband and I, after 14 years of marriage and many unsuccessful attempts to have a child found the Mosie kits. We also were unsuccessful with them. After months of that we went and reached out to a fertility clinic and found out that the reason for all of my problems was a microperforated hymen that had been misdiagnosed as "pelvic pain disorders" and "anxiety" since I was young. In 2021 my husband almost died from Covid; the virus attacked his heart and lungs and he had heart surgery in January 2022 to save his life. In July 2022, I had my surgery to correct the microperforated hymen and the rest of the problems that had been ignored because my husband is on very heavy cardiac medication we decided to give the Mosie Baby Kit a one final try. We were released to try again in December 2022. We tested positive on our first month of trying in January 2023. Thank you Mosie Baby!

- J&D from PA