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Blog /After An Early Pregnancy Loss They Decided to Try Again

After An Early Pregnancy Loss They Decided to Try Again

After two failed attempts we decided to purchase the Mosie Kit, it worked the first time! Unfortunately we had an early loss but we ordered the kit again for the following month and got pregnant again! This time we only used one syringe! We always recommend the Mosie baby kit because it's so easy to use and it obviously works! Thank you so much!!!!

- B & D from California

B&D, What heartbreak you must have experienced on your journey to conceive - our heart goes out to you. We are so thrilled to hear of your recent success and are sending you good vibes for a smooth pregnancy! Congratulations! To anyone out there struggling with miscarriages, our heart goes out to you too. Please do be sure to check in with your doctor if you experience multiple losses to see if they can help you on your journey. -Marc + Mo