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Blog /A Special Graduation Gift for a Navy Mama

A Special Graduation Gift for a Navy Mama

I performed the insemination on my own while my wife was finishing up the last portion of her schooling for the Navy. We wanted to do an at home insemination kit before we got doctors involved mainly due to wanting a more intimate experience. I followed my ovulation using the app Flo and tracked it for about three months before it truly synced up with my body. I tried the whole duration of my ovulation and I started to feel as if I was going to start my menstrual cycle and the next morning I took one more pregnancy test, and it was positive!!! I went to the doctor the same day, and they did a urine test as well as a blood test and they confirmed I was pregnant!!! I told my wife I had a stomach bug because I wanted to surprise her, the next day she graduated her schooling and came home before we had to leave for her first station in MD. 

I placed the test into a box I designed, and it was the digital test that said, “positive”. I gave it to her as a "graduation" gift. She opened it and she just looked at me and said, “nugh uhh?!” with a big cheesy smile. We had come up with the name “AE” a while ago but as soon as we found out we were pregnant, that name didn't feel "right" anymore so we came up with “RA”; the theme of the nursery for “AE” was butterflies....that also didn't feel "right" anymore so that changed to a "warrior princess" theme with arrows, feathers, and dream catchers. 

I ended up getting gestational diabetes in the early part of the third trimester and was scheduled for an induction on Feb 26th.  It was moved to Feb 27th and I got to 6 cm dilation, and my body gave out, I developed preeclampsia and my kidneys started to fail, I was on a magnesium drip, and after trying to deliver her for 5 days the doctor finally said we had to do an emergency C-section. So on March 3rd 2019 her original due date at 4:30 am “R” was born.

My wife and I both fully believe that “R” chose us, chose her name, and fought to be here.

-S from Tennessee

SW, How sweet is your little “R”!  😍  Thanks for sharing photos of your precious little one and for sharing how they got to be a part of your family! We are so overjoyed to hear of your family’s success with the Mosie Kit! Congratulations! -Marc + Mo


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