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Blog /About to Give Up After 3 Years of Trying - Then She Found Mosie

About to Give Up After 3 Years of Trying - Then She Found Mosie

My husband and I tried to conceive a baby for 3 years with no luck, and I would cry when I would see a negative pregnancy test. I talked to my OBGYN about infertility, but I was always afraid to check. My doctor told me I could possibly have endometriosis due to a cyst I had for awhile, and that could have been the cause of no positive pregnancy. Then I ran into Mosie Baby on Instagram and decided to buy my first kit. It was easy to use. I watched a couple of success stories on YouTube and decided to give it a try. The first two times I had a negative pregnancy test and was discouraged. Then I decided to buy it one more time, what did I have to lose? I tried but didn’t think too much about it. I didn’t want to have my hopes up, so we tried one more time. And a month later I got a big fat positive on my pregnancy test! I could not believe it so I immediately made a doctor's appointment, and I didn’t believe it until I had a blood test done, and it was positive. I definitely recommend Mosie Baby to anyone struggling to have a baby. It is affordable and easy to use. We are so happy and grateful with Mosie Baby. Our blessing is on the way and we couldn’t be happier.

How long were you trying before Mosie: 3 years
How many cycles did you use Mosie? 3

- M & M from California

M&M - Congratulations on your success with Mosie! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and the Mosie community. Your story is very familiar to us on a personal level - and we know it will resonate with others in the community. From your struggles with endometriosis and infertility for three years - to feeling discouraged each time you saw that negative pregnancy test. We fought infertility for 2.5 years - and still remember the pain of trying each month - and longing so deeply to see that BigFatPositive. You didn’t give up - and neither did we. That’s why we hope Mosie - and stories like yours will offer some hope for those still struggling. We appreciate you! Enjoy this precious time! ❤️ - Mo + Marc