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Announcing the Updated Mosie Baby Kit

We’ve got some exciting news to share! The Updated Mosie Baby Kit is here and now includes 2 new custom designed collection cups - specially designed by the Mosie Baby cofounders to work perfectly with the Mosie Syringe you love.

Since day one way back in 2015, our founders Marc and Maureen have been dreaming of adding a custom insemination cup to the Mosie Baby Kit - one with a rounded bottom to make collection and transfer easier. This idea came from Marc’s own experience using a typical semen collection cup (which was actually a urine collection cup and way too big) during their IUI procedure for their first little one, and from his experience using Mosie’s original collection cup when they conceived their second little one.

"The default collection device for semen has been urine sample cups, which are poorly designed for a fluid that bears little resemblance to urine. When it comes to properly collecting body fluids, one size does not fit all. The Mosie Baby Kit's cup is designed for semen, not urine, and so it maximizes the yield for insemination." - Aaron Spitz, MD, Urologist, Author.

So why now? Well, as you may have heard, inventing something new takes a lot of research and resources. We’ve been working on this cup for over a year, and listening to your feedback along the way to make improvements. We’ve tested cup after cup, refining until we landed on the perfect cup height (you don’t want sperm sticking to cup walls), perfect curve for use with Mosie, and the perfect design so it sits steadily on a table (no tipping over here!). Additionally we’ve added 2 cups to the kit, so you won’t need to wash anything between uses.

“As someone who understands what can be a confusing and difficult journey, it’s important that we, at Mosie Baby, are always innovating to ensure we can support as many individuals as possible.” - Maureen Brown

We have also updated our packaging with input from the Mosie Community and have updated our instructions to make it even easier use The Mosie Baby Kit. Get the updated Mosie Baby Kit today, now with free shipping, at mosiebaby.com and in CVS stores nationwide.