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Blog /Vaginismus Challenges Overcome With Help From Mosie!

Vaginismus Challenges Overcome With Help From Mosie!

Hi Maureen,

I suffer with severe vaginismus which has prevented us from having intercourse. It was always our dream to have a large family and my condition was preventing this. While my husband was patient and kind, I always hoped I could fulfill my purpose and realize our dream. We had been trying to have intercourse for a few years by this point, and were even sent away by doctors who didnt know what else to suggest. After (what felt like) a year of research, I came across Mosie Baby and loved it instantly!! No other brand came close to how cool Mosie seemed! The cost was so worth it, minimal really. We bought a few kits and fell pregnant second time around!!! Mosie has increased my confidence in the bedroom and made me so happy. It was so easy to use, very comfortable and a bit smaller than a tampon!! We combined Mosie with a sperm friendly lubricant. If I could give advice, it would be not to delay. Buy a kit...what have you got to lose? Nothing!

T & A - Boston, MA

T & A, our thanks for your bravery in coming forward with your remarkable story. Seeing this community continue to pay it forward might be the best part of this journey for us. And women that suffer from vaginismus are among the most courageous. Wishing you both a healthy new addition! - Maureen + Marc