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Blog /They Opted for Mosie Over Stress (and Before IUI)!

They Opted for Mosie Over Stress (and Before IUI)!

We all know that planning to start a family can be very stressful. My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for about 5 months, but the stress factor was not helping us succeed. Our doctor suggested starting IUI but we were not comfortable, so she gave us the green light to try home insemination first. She gave us some regular syringes and urine collection cups she had at her office in case we wanted to use those. Looking at those syringes increased our stress level even more.

I started doing some research online on how to do home insemination, and that’s when Mosie Baby caught my attention. I started looking at more videos of Mosie Baby and shared it with my husband. We thought this is the syringe that looks more comfortable to use. So we decided to give it a try, and to increase our chances, we used it about 3-4 times during my fertile window.

I am truly thankful to Maureen and Marc for sharing such a wonderful product with everyone. It was so comfortable to use and all the videos and tips which Maureen had posted on the website were really helpful to me. We mentioned it to our doctor, and she liked it as well. She said that she would recommend it to other patients looking for home insemination options.

We tried for the first time and a few weeks later there was BIG NEWS waiting for us:) We got a BIGFATPOSITIVE, and we are extremely happy and excited to welcome our Mosie Baby into this world. Keeping our fingers crossed to have a smooth journey in the coming months. 

Thank you Mosie and best wishes to all couples who are on this journey of having a baby :)

- V&P from Las Vegas, NV


V&P, Warmest congrats on your BFP! We’re so happy that Mosie helped you overcome what can indeed be a very stressful process...especially after months or even years of trying. And of course if it can save you a bit of money and keep things intimate all the better. Coming forward with your journey is a BIG DEAL and it will certainly impact other’s decisions that find themselves in a similar place on their TTC journeys. So thank you. Wishing you both a safe and healthy term and new addition. -Maureen + Marc