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Blog /They Found Hope In The Stories Of Others And Now Have A Story Of Their Own!

They Found Hope In The Stories Of Others And Now Have A Story Of Their Own!

Dear Mosie Baby Team,

Ive been married for a year and I have difficulty conceiving due to vaginismus.

When we found out about Mosie Baby, we found a new hope and decided to give it a try.

The first try was unsuccessful but we didn't give up as reading your success stories made me believe that it is possible to get pregnant if we keep trying.

One month later, we tried again and to our amazement, we got a #bigfatpositive!

Thank you for creating Mosie Baby and we hope that it could help more people out there.

We Singaporeans like other Asian countries are quite conservative and thus not willing to open up regarding these kind of problems as it is almost like a taboo. We only heard about vaginismus after searching online about our difficulties. I really hope the awareness will spread throughout Asia and the rest of the world so as to make the world full of bundles of joy. :)

Lots of Love,

N & N - Singapore

N&N, Sincere thanks you both for sharing this. Its a BIG DEAL. Your story, like the stories you read, will now be a source of hope for like-minded others. We learned about vaginismus from the Mosie community when women started coming forward with their stories and we remain thrilled that Mosie has helped so many that suffer from this condition. Thanks again for sharing! - Maureen + Marc