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Blog /They Alternated with Mosie and Sex During Fertile Window, It Worked!

They Alternated with Mosie and Sex During Fertile Window, It Worked!

We tried for over a year to get pregnant before our first pregnancy, we finally conceived naturally but suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks. We started trying again when we got the all-clear from our OB and after two cycles with no luck, we started trying Mosie. We didn't get pregnant on our first try with Mosie but the next month, during our fertile window, we alternated using Mosie and trying the old fashioned way every other day. This time, it worked! We are currently in our 19th week of pregnancy, and we can't WAIT to meet our Mosie baby. We are waiting to find out the sex because that's the greatest surprise I think anyone gets the chance to have in their lives, and this will likely be our only baby as my husband and I are well into the "geriatric pregnancy" phase of life (i.e. over 35, LOL). We are so grateful that we got to get pregnant so much faster this time and without spending thousands of dollars on procedures with no guaranteed outcome. Thanks Mosie!

Additional information about your journey:
Did you face any obstacles? Male Factor, Sperm Issues, Unexplained Infertility
How long were you trying before Mosie: 6 months or less
How many cycles did you use mosie? 2

- C & T from California

C&T, Goosebumps reading your story (❤️ the pics too)! We’re so happy that you were able to move forward after your miscarriage and conceive again. And we’re delighted that you brought Mosie into your ttc routine! Whether or not your little one was conceived with Mosie or the “old fashioned” way, you referring to him or her as a Mosie baby warmed our hearts! We are so fortunate to have this amazing inclusive community and your gesture is a perfect example of this. We applaud your self control in waiting on gender though we didn’t have it, 😆! Wishing you both a safe and healthy remainder of your term, and we look forward to e-meeting your little bundle when the dust settles! -Marc + Mo


Mosie Baby pregnancy announcement with avocados