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Blog /The First Mosie Baby Just Turned Three!

The First Mosie Baby Just Turned Three!

Hello Mosie Community,

Exactly three years ago, I came home from the hospital to gather a few things we’d need for the overnight stay. Our son Francis had just arrived. While I was home, I decided to make a quick post (which you can findhere) simultaneously announcing Frank’s arrival and alerting the world that our fledgling company had just had its first success story...and it was our own story! 

As crazy as it sounds, none of it was actually planned. After three years of development our first batch of Mosie kits had arrived. Though we’d ended up conceiving our daughter June through IUI a year before, we still thought Mosie should be a thing...so we went ahead and made it. And now that the first batch was here we felt obligated to test it and ensure that it was going to be the experience we’d hoped for. So that weekend while June was napping we literally opened the box, followed the instructions, and used the kit. Though we knew Maureen was ovulating, our focus was useability and comfort, not actually conceiving. 

Lo and behold a couple of weeks later Maureen came out of the bathroom with tears in her eyes. She was pregnant. The first Mosie Baby was en route. It would be a month before we’d actually launch the website and make the kit available, but it had already worked!  

When I made that hasty post three years ago, I’d obviously had no idea that we’d  dedicate a section of our website to success stories, let alone receive any. I didn’t know that they would provide hope, inspiration, laughter, and tears to a community searching for a better way to conceive. Or that those stories would be the most gratifying part of this adventure for Maureen and I. We continue to be humbled and inspired by this community every day, and we thank you for that.

And to think it started with this little guy. Please join us in saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FRANK! Frank, you have the best laugh in our family. You live without fear and fearlessly ask for chocolate everyday. You can spot diggers, fire engines and helicopters like a pro. And nobody can rock a Thomas Train hat like you pal. Your sister, mom, and I love you to the moon and back. Thanks for completing our little Mosie family. 



newborn mosie baby in the hospital

The first mosie baby and his sister


mosie baby family smiling


The first mosie baby Frank pretending to drive a car


the first mosie baby and his 3rd birthday cake