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Blog /The Awesomeness Of Mosie!

The Awesomeness Of Mosie!


I'd like to say THANK YOU for allowing my wife and I to try to conceive at home...and it WORKED!! We have only taken one pregnancy test so far, but still the excitement is already overwhelming!! Your product, by far, is so easy, simple and uncomplicated to use! We started trying in December and ended conceiving in February, so it didn't take long at all.

We did try an insemination device before Mosie, but it was large, awkward and complicated to use. I believe if we would have kept using it, we would not have ended up conceiving.

The size (Mosie) is also very nice. Thank you to all who were involved the the process to design this product!

Spring Update:

I haven't written you in a while as we've been very busy. But, I did want to share our gender reveal ultrasound picture... We are very happy to announce...IT'S A GIRL !!

Sincerely Very Happy Soon-To-Be Parents,

A & T - Berwick, PA

Worth noting - the title of this story was subject line in the email we received…why on earth would we change it? A & T were so happy that Mosie was your answer and that a sweet baby girl is the result! Your exuberance is catchy and we have no doubt others will benefit from your decision to share your story. - Marc + Mo