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Blog /Same Sex Couple + Surrogate + Mosie = Family!

Same Sex Couple + Surrogate + Mosie = Family!


My husband and I have been wanting a family for many years. Unfortunately, adoption options for same-sex couples in Canada are far less numerous than in the U.S. Rather than play an endless waiting game, we searched for and found someone special willing to be a surrogate mother.
We've known people who've tried with the traditional fertilization kits that you can purchase for very little. Those had no success and involved a bit of guess work. We were tired of guesswork and wanted something to maximize our chances. When looking online and going though so many options, I came across Mosie's video that showed the ways in which they are different. 
They also made me feel like it was OK not knowing everything. I thought why not give them a try? At this point, I had spent a small fortune on medical procedures and legal paperwork. When we got the box in the mail with simple instructions and an easy to use product, the surrogate felt comfortable using it. The instructions even made us laugh, and that helped with the tension.
It took a few attempts (buy a couple boxes, it's worth it and produces less stress just knowing they are there). It was almost a shock when we got the little plus sign on the pee stick then went to the clinic the next day. We are still trying to play it cool with most of our friends and family as it's just a month. Lots can go wrong but lots can go amazingly right too. We wouldn't have this opportunity without the Mosie family. Although we are cautiously optimistic, we couldn't have gotten this far without you. 

-Happy Canadians

We LOVE unconventional stories like this! (We love the word "unconventional as well!) Talk about empowerment. Mosie is so much more than a "syringe" thanks to this community and the hope and inspiration it provides. Happy American's - M&M