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Blog /10 Failures with a Regular Syringe Led Them To A Mosie Success!

10 Failures with a Regular Syringe Led Them To A Mosie Success!

My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now. We were doing inseminations with a regular syringe. For ten months that wasn't successful. That's when we decided to switch to the Mosie syringe. In only 2 months of trying with it, we finally got the positive we have been impatiently waiting for.

Thank you for the amazing product and all of the tips and videos that are there to help us.

CT & KT in Canada

We hi-5'd after receiving this story! We also tried and failed with regular syringe. That experience literally sparked the idea for Mosie. We couldn't understand why there wasn't a syringe designed specifically for the purpose of conception. Thank you both so much for sharing the journey that lead you to a Mosie conception. Wishing you a healthy term and new addition! -Maureen + Marc

Update from CT & KT

"Hi Mosie team, After finding out we had finally gotten pregnant using the Mosie syringe back in November to finally welcoming our baby girl on July 23d. Little Baby AKC was born at 7 pound 8 ounces via a c-section because she was breeched. From seeing her little feet on the ultrasound to finally being able to hold them in our hands.

We thank you once again for the wonderful product that contributed to making our family, and we will definitely use it again for baby number 2 in a couple of years.”

two positive pregnancy tests from a mosie user     
two lesbian moms kissing their newborn mosie baby

      Newborn mosie baby's feet
Detail image of a parent's hand holding a tiny newborn baby's hand, with the baby in the background.