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Blog /Performance Anxiety Relief from Mosie Leads To Conception!

Performance Anxiety Relief from Mosie Leads To Conception!

I am writing this with such excitement, as we found out this week we are expecting! After trying for what seemed like forever, I came across Mosie on an add on Facebook. So I started to read into it, and sure enough it seemed like the help we needed. One night, it randomly came up while talking to my hubby, and he was all for trying it. He had struggled with fertility issues for years with his ex wife, and was afraid those issues were now going to be the same for us (I already have 3 children from my previous marriage). We used Mosie for one cycle, and it worked!! We got our Big Fat Positive (and plenty plenty more after the first one 😊). Thank you Mosie!!

Best Wishes,
Mr. and Mrs. M in Kentucky

Hey you two, we get the anxiety that goes along with trying to conceive on both sides. It can be a LOT of pressure and repeated “failures” can intensify it in many cases. We experienced the same anxiety on our journey. That’s one of the reasons Mosie is here...you don’t have to even be in the same room to complete the task at hand, and sometimes that can be a good thing. We applaud you both for coming forward with your journey and know that others will benefit from reading about it. Wishing you a healthy term and new addition! -Marc + Mo