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Blog /Overcoming Vaginismus with Mosie, Twin Girls En Route!

Overcoming Vaginismus with Mosie, Twin Girls En Route!

I had been suffering from vaginismus for a couple of years but having children is always something that we wanted to do. When we were finally ready after a few years of being married we were quite worried about whether it would even be possible to conceive naturally given my inability for sexual intercourse due to how painful it was. We had researched and found out there were ways to improve my condition, but they all seemed long and painful, and we didn’t want to wait much longer to have children so after doing some research online I came across Mosie Baby and decided to give it a go! 

We were very excited the first time our 2 kits came round, although I have to admit my husband was quite skeptical at this point. We decided to go on holiday and try it out there for the first month as this would hopefully provide a more relaxing environment, but unfortunately this month according to my ovulation tests I didn’t ovulate which usually happens to me most of the time when I travelled by air.  We used the kit anyway on the days on which I should have ovulated but as expected it didn’t get a positive result. 

The next month I was determined to make it happen so we ordered 7 kits, so we could have plenty of attempts on all my fertile days. We continued to use the ovulation kits and when we got the smiley face on our ovulation kit we started using our Mosie kit and continued to do so during my 4 fertile days. I followed the instructions very carefully this time, but since the last month it hadn’t worked I didn’t really want to build my hopes up. However, a few weeks later I started to feel like there was something different in my body and randomly one evening I decided to take a pregnancy test, and there it was - the two lines I had been eagerly waiting to see! We were pregnant! 

I told my husband straight away, and we were overjoyed! A few weeks later when we went for our first scan we found out we were having twins! I am now happy to report that we are almost in the third trimester and eagerly waiting for our twin girls to arrive! 

For us Mosie Baby has been a godsend, being from a South Asian background intimacy issues are something very difficult to discuss, so we feel that this gave us the opportunity to start a family and tackle our unique situation discreetly and without having to take the route of expensive fertility treatments which in my case were not really necessary, but I guess would have been what we would have resorted to if we hadn’t found Mosie Baby.

- JP from NY

JP, Our sincere THANKS for sharing your remarkable story. We know it’s not always easy to do, but in doing so, you are providing hope for someone just like you to be able to preserve the intimacy of the conception process and conceive on their own! We hear from women suffering from vaginismus regularly and want you to know that you are absolutely NOT alone. Beyond that, warmest congratulations on your incoming twin girls! Wonderful news. And all of us here at Mosie HQ are wishing you both a smooth remainder of your term and two healthy babies very soon. Stay in touch, we’d love to see those babies when they arrive! -Marc + Maureen


Sonogram of mosie baby twins


sonogram of mosie baby