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Blog /Overcoming Vaginismus With Mosie Leads To Conception!

Overcoming Vaginismus With Mosie Leads To Conception!

Hi Maureen & Marc, 

I had the best Christmas present: I am pregnant and it is thanks to you :)

I had to use Mosie because I have vaginismus, which of course makes every intercourse difficult. It was okay until now, but as I approached my 30s I really wanted a baby. I read about the syringe method but thought that it was difficult because of the size and shape of syringes you can find in a pharmacy.

When I found Mosie I thought that maybe there was hope. I only had to use it once and it worked! 

I'm writing you all of this because I really wanted you to know how much you do for people like me and how your syringe can mean great hope for us. 

Thanks again to both of you!


We have to take a moment to thank this client (who chose to remain anonymous) for sharing this very important story. Mosie continues to melt our own hearts as it helps so many different kinds of people. We hope you find inspiration from this story. And CM we're indebted..

- Maureen & Marc