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Blog /Overcoming Vaginismus With Humor & Mosie!

Overcoming Vaginismus With Humor & Mosie!

Dear Maureen and Marc,

A year ago my husband and I started talking about having a baby. We had been together for nine years and married for 6 months at the time. The only problem was that I have vaginismus. Sex had been impossible for our entire relationship, we had made adjustments early on and we were 100% ok without it! Until it came time to have a baby. Something I had been waiting for/dreading for a long time! 

After a few rounds of crying through physical therapy, my doctor looked at me and said, "You know there are other ways to have a baby." So I did what any desperate emotional person would do...I googled it. And do you know what I found? A success story on your website from a woman with vaginismus that had gotten her positive! I cried. And I ordered. And I googled some more! I was determined.

Mosie came in its cute blue box with the tagline "Let's Make A Baby" and I was already over the moon. My husband, who by the way is probably the most supportive amazing man you could ever have the pleasure of knowing, took on the role of the unlicensed doctor with a whole lot of dad jokes and we did our first round of Mosie. 

We got our first negative, but I was still hopeful! I read off statistics to my husband to make myself feel better. I wouldn't give up. So we went through 6 more rounds and a whole lot more crying. Until finally, those two pink lines showed up. We had done it! Mosie had done it! Mosie had stuck its middle finger up to vaginismus and won out!!! 

Were pregnant all because of you! Vaginismus isn't something that many people talk about. It's an embarrassing subject and can be an emotionally debilitating disorder. But thanks to the courage of that one client to share her story, I found Mosie and I got my positive!! Thank you thank you for continuing what you are doing and for supporting couples like us! We literally wouldn't be where we are today without you! 


M + G + Baby H (Due in June!)

Also a note to future Mosie couples: Don't give up. I know that the unconventional ways aren't always the most romantic, but you have to keep your chin up! Find the humor in baby making and laugh a little! You will get there! 

M&G, it's our turn to be "over the moon" for you as we saw your orders coming in and our fingers were firmly crossed for you guys. And "humor" really is a key ingredient to this whole thing. Our first try with a syringe...we cracked up. It was a bit of a mess...but we saw the potential and here were are! - Maureen & Marc