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Blog /Overcoming Odds to Bring Beautiful Baby “M” Into the World!

Overcoming Odds to Bring Beautiful Baby “M” Into the World!

My wife and I have been together for 6.5 years and always knew we both wanted to carry. We have an 11 year old son and finally decided in 2017 that we were ready to expand our family. Prior to TTC, I had a partial oophorectomy (a cyst was removed from my ovary, as was part of the LGBT mothers holding hands and smiling at each otherovary). I didn't believe my chances of conception were high, but we started TTC in September of 2017. Our first attempt we used the soft cup/fresh sperm method but that BFP eluded us. We took a step back, joined a number of TTC websites for lesbians and focused more on ovulation peaks verses a general day. We also learned that the sperm we were using, while very healthy, had trouble swimming upstream (low motility). With this knowledge, we knew we needed more assistance than what the soft cups could provide because we needed to deliver the sperm to the cervix. We heard about Mosie baby online, from a YouTuber who had successfully conceived with the kit. After researching it, we decided to buy it and try again the following April. Once again we used fresh sperm and inseminated inside of the peak of her ovulation window. The following Mother's day, we got our BFP! It was so strong we thought we could be expecting twins! Mosie was so easy to use, it was comfortable, and it was a blessing! We now have a beautiful four month old daughter, and she is everything we hoped for and more. 

Our only tip is to be sure of the process and the instructions. Relax and let your body take control. If you're using Mosie at home like we did, create a comfortable atmosphere. Some laughs, a good movie, and even some TLC goes a long way. 

Our family couldn't have expanded without you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Mosie gave us new life. We have recommended Mosie to everyone TTC and we will definitely order again when it's time for our next bundle of joy.❤

M,M,D, & Baby M from Sanford, FL

This story and these photos made our day. What an amazing journey you all have had! Baby “M” is the picture of joy and just beautiful. And your family will be an inspiration to many others going forward. And we hope they’ll take your tip to heart, because it’s important to manage anxiety and enjoy the ride. Sincere thanks to you all for sharing. -Maureen & Marc

Brother holding his baby sister up and smiling


Mosie Baby laughing and smiling wearing pink


Mosie Baby LGBTQ Family with two moms, a son, and a baby girl


mosie baby smiling in her carseat wearing a onesie that says made with love