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Blog /Overcoming Adversity To Achieve Their Dream!

Overcoming Adversity To Achieve Their Dream!

My husband and I wish to share our joy with you and also to express our thanks for inventing the Mosie syringe and making our dreams come true. For years we avoided the topic of having a child as I have been diagnosed with vaginismus, hence making sexual intercourse very challenging in our marriage. We convinced ourselves that its OK just the two of us and enjoy our love for each other. However, as years passed and friends around me started to grow their family, my biological clock is ticking, and I have an urge to have a baby too. My husband and I wanted something natural, hence not so keen on IVF or IUI. I searched on the internet and found Mosie. I decided to give it a go. The design is so slim that I have no problem using it given my vaginismus condition! It took us 4 cycles to have a successful result! At each cycle attempt, I've also been going for the acupuncture to support the implantation process. My husband and I were thrilled when we saw the results of the pregnancy test! I bought several kits and tested several times just to confirm our pregnancy! Words couldn't express our happiness, a dream came through! My mosie baby is due in 2018 and we look forward to welcoming our baby into our lives. Thank you Maureen and Marc for your invention, we are forever grateful to you both!

A very blessed couple in Australia

We love this story because wed been corresponding with this new mama throughout the process, and we were so rooting for her family. And although it took a few months, patience paid off with this little prince! (Yes, this story was submitted in 2017 and now the little guy is here!)were a bit behind, but YAY for baby pics! Warmest congrats once again to this amazing Mosie family. - Mo + Marc