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Blog /Mosie Helps Couple Conceive Despite Endometriosis

Mosie Helps Couple Conceive Despite Endometriosis

This was our very first try, with one syringe, and we found out today that we are pregnant. Thank you Mosie!

My husband and I didn't struggle with fertility as much as I struggled with endometriosis. Sex, especially during ovulation, was painful and not enjoyable for either of us. I was scrolling through Facebook one day and saw an ad for Mosie. I skeptically clicked on it and read how it worked. It seemed like a great solution for us to have a baby without making either of us uncomfortable.  I received my Mosie kit the day after a positive ovulation test. We only used one syringe, and just like magic this month we found out we are pregnant. Thank you Mosie for giving us our dream!


MW, Warmest congratulations on your positive! We’re so happy Mosie was able to help you past endometriosis to conception! And great thanks for sharing your journey with our community. It will absolutely provide a little hope and inspiration for other  couples facing a similar challenge. Wishing you a safe and healthy term and new addition! -Maureen + Marc