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Blog /Mosie Helped with the Anxiety and Pressure of Trying to Conceive!

Mosie Helped with the Anxiety and Pressure of Trying to Conceive!

I suffer from vaginismus and extreme anxiety. I couldn’t perform sexually long enough to achieve the goal of conception. The anxiety of having poor performance/pain with sex paired with the possibility of never conceiving due to these issues was too much pressure and caused me a lot of emotional pain. There was a lot of fear. I had done research and came across Mosie, I purchased two kits but only needed to use one.Using Mosie not only gave me a beautiful son, but also removed some of the anxiety and pressure of not being able to conceive so my husband and I were able to continue to work on our intimacy goals (due to the vaginismus) and improve our sex life. Lifting that pressure made me more relaxed during intercourse. After using Mosie, I got a BFP (big fat positive) a week and a half later!! We are so happy!! 

- K & M from Florida

Newborn mosie baby in the hospital


Mosie baby laying in a playpen