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Blog /One Couple’s Thoughts on Mosie After First Try

One Couple’s Thoughts on Mosie After First Try

We tried Mosie, unfortunately for us the first go around did not work but my review is going to express how amazing it was to be able to do this process at home without clinics and doctors all up in both our business. For one cycle although not successful was the least stressful one I've had in our 3 year battle with infertility. I will always be grateful for that, we have had to do 2 IUIs with still no luck and my husband will be leaving shortly for a short deployment so we are running out of time to keep trying before he leaves, but I have been thinking about trying Mosie one more time before he leaves. So thank you for providing women like me the opportunity to do part of this journey at home and away from sterile clinics and just allowing my husband and I to do this together privately. Thank you again for your responses, you have an amazing company and not just for your product!

- AS from Hawaii

AS, Sincere thanks for taking the time to share this note with us. Whether you conceive with Mosie or not, our one true hope is that you ultimately feel that it was worthwhile. We know firsthand how stressful TTC can be and your description of wanting something less stressful that you could do together privately is exactly what we set out to create...because we wanted it too! Wishing you and you husband success no matter how you choose to inseminate. And we’re certainly here for you should you want to try again before his deployment. Our sincere thanks to you both for your service!